Autumn arrives, as does the flu shot season

As autumn arrives, familiar colds and coughs become more prevalent.  Whilst these are inconvenient and annoying, they are relatively easy to overcome.  The flu, however, is much more serious and is particularly dangerous for people with weakened immune systems.

Medical professionals predict that in 2013’s flu season will be particularly nasty, and this year there is a dangerous variation to the virus making its presence felt.

Your best chance at preventing the flu is vaccination.  Flu shots are available at Pakenham Family Health and are FREE for:

  • People 65 years of age and over
  • Pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy
  • Indigenous people 15 years of age and over
  • Residents of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities
  • Any person 6 months of age and over with a chronic condition predisposing to severe influenza illness that requires regular medical follow-up or hospitalisation such as:
    • cardiac disease
    • respiratory disease including severe asthmatics
    • kidney disease
    • diabetes
    • impaired immunity
    • neuromuscular disease

Flu shots are available at a small charge of $20 for everyone else. Contact us for more information and to make a booking.

In our bid to improve access to medical services in Pakenham, we are very pleased to offer appointments on public holidays between 8.30 and 1pm.

We look forward to looking after your health during the winter months.

About Filip Nikolic

Filip Nikolic is the Practice Manager of Pakenham Family Health.